20 Years of Menlo Systems – 20 Years Precision in Photonics

With the best measuring instruments, one can measure what no one could measure before. Prof. Hänsch, Dr. Holzwarth, and Dr. Mei have founded Menlo Systems GmbH in 2001 with the vision to develop the most accurate instruments and techniques for the optical spectroscopy and to bring them to the market.

As the pioneer of optical frequency combs and femtosecond fiber lasers, Menlo Systems has worked with its customers to shape and continually expand the applications of frequency combs in the early years. 20 years after, optical frequency combs constitute the enabling technology for the quantum technologies and for quantum computers, as well as for numerous high precision metrology applications. The 20th company anniversary and a steadily growing business are confirmation that the vision of the founders became reality.


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